Monday, December 19, 2011

Elder Angulo's Reply

Y'all write to much lol! jk Thanks for the updates on life in Cali, but thanks for all the love and support, and there isnt a day that i havent thought about yall. I miss you so much, but im so happy to be serving the lord right now.

This is Elder Angulo's reply to our Christmas letter.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas Letter to our Elders- written by Joanna & I

Dear Elder Hicken and Angulo,

The semester is over, and this last week was a great one for missionary work, sowing seeds. I met a guy that I have had a couple classes with his name is Jordyn. I have not hung out with him until the week before finals. He is a Christian man, so I had to give him a copy of The Book of Mormon. I could have given it to him last Thursday before finals, but I did not seize the opportunity. Finals day was my last opportunity. During the final I prayed the whole time, asking to meet with him. God granted my prayer, for he left moments before I finished my final. I finished the last few questions quickly in hopes to catch him. As I left in haste to catch him, I saw that he was talking with a friend, so I went to talk with them. It was perfect because Jordyn was with Alex, the guy had a skin disease, making him react to the sun's light. Since they couldn't hang out together, I was able to hang out with him and I get to know each other. I gave him The Book of Mormon, became friends on Facebook, and offered my fellowship. We even hope to go out surfing. 
Another missionary experience happened in Friday. I don't know if I told you about Melissa, we met at Cabrillo, now we are really good friends. She was led to ask me, if I would want to go shopping with her for Christmas. She got out of work just in time for the temple trip. I tried to invite her to come. This evening was the only day that she was able to shop, so we chose to go shopping instead. The Capitola Ward was having a Christmas dinner, so I sought to bring her along. Since she did not want to go at first, I was hoping and praying that she would join us for the Christmas Dinner. I am grateful that God answers prayers. After shopping she needed to come to my house to wrap a present. This situation lead her to be able to come to the dinner. I asked her at the dinner, if she would be willing to have the missionaries introduce the church to her, but she felt uncomfortable meeting with them. I respected that, but I had Elder Rayes come talk to her. I pray that she may receive the missionary lessons soon.
joanna- hey dear elders
 I hope that we all truly learn the real significance of Christmas. We always get caught up with the media. They make us think that buying things is what Christmas is all about; however, we must remember what we know to be true. Christmas is the day that we can rejoice in the birth of our Savior, for he is the one being who was and still is able to give us the most precious gift of all. Jesus was born to be the most perfect example for us to follow. By Him we may learn to follow his humility, patience,  loving service, and faithful obedience. Only by his infinite sacrifice we have the means to put our trust in him and be cleansed by his Atonement, for They want us to enjoy the blessings of forgiveness. By us living his commandments and doing so faithfully, this can give us the feeling of the purification of our souls. Let us all strive to be more like him, so we may be successful in life and receive a portion of his love and joy day by day. This helps us endure to the end and eventually enjoy of the fruits of our righteousness, for This is the greatest of all the gifts of God. Isn't this better than any other material possession that we can buy at a store. Yes he truly does love us. Now let us show our love and Gratitude for all that he does for us by loving and having charity to his children such as he has always done for us.