Sunday, September 2, 2012

Facing a New Era in the Ocean Branch

Dear Ocean Branch,

I am in Utah, staying with my grandparents for a couple days on my way to BYU Idaho. I have been wanting to write to expound on my idea, which lead us to celebrate our friendships on the 25th of August. The cause may not have been understood. The Ocean Branch is facing a new era. Josh, Cade, Jesse, Kirsten, Jill, Leland, and many people are moving forward in their life. At least the priesthood will be facing times of unstable leadership.
That evening of the 25th of August was to be cherished. The cause was partially felt, and I am grateful for your participation. The cause was to live up to the current times. Don't live in the future or the past. Since the times are uncertain, the evening to cherish wanted to unite us, so we can make things happen still. Last night Andrew called me to teach today, but it could not be. The faith of the branch needed to cover the changes in the branch. We all need to fulfill our duties and election. We are responsible for the prosperity of the branch. If you are not living up to the standard expected, the branch is so much more weak. Your testimony, worthiness, and attendance is foremost to make the branch flourish. I hope to return to see the branch built on the solid foundation of Christ. Continue to rediscover your growing testimony.
True happiness comes for living the Gospel. Since we understand the happiness of the Gospel, I sought to get everyone excited to bring all our friends to join us. It is hard to get together, but the happiness of a powerful unified branch is worth the work. Brad Burgon is so excited about a challenge given during the YSA California Conference to continually seek to bring one person to the branch functions. I have felt this challenge coming for a while. Let us seek to hold our closest loved ones in the Gospel to have true unity.

See you in December!

Alexander Hicken

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