Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best Wishes for Rose at BYU Provo

This is a recording of a testimony of Rose Hage. The recording is bad. Trevor did it for Michael because he was gone, and we all love Rose' testimony especially Michael. This recording is originally for him, but Rose let me share it with everyone. The quality of the recording is reflected in the dot-dot-dots.

I am thankful...

...Thanksgiving...It was really fun...but Our oven broke. Our refrigerate broke, and something else would not work...and, so everything is broken around the house. We were trying to figure out how we are going to get everything actually cooked, and Leslie, one of our grandmas,... had a tiny oven, so we just kind of all day... we did not have as many food as we usually do, but I think that even though nothing went well at all. It was really fun because we were all actively trying to make it work. It was not like two people worked to get everything done. We all had to work together to actually make it happen. It was the feeling of being together. I don't think anything beats that feeling. I am thankful for this time of the year even though I hate the weather. I loved the overall festive feeling and the spirit of giving. I would love if it carried throughout the year and I know that personally we cannot create that feeling, but it is really cool that right now while we cannot create that feeling. I don't know. I am grateful that I can come here every week, see you all, and share that feeling. I don't think anything in my life has made me more loving for so many things. I am grateful for this church. I love so many things, but I don't love anything as much as being a member of this church because it helps me more than anything else. We have it all right here, and I am so thankful. I know that this church is true because this is where truth is found....

The article is dedicated to Rose for her great faith, service, and future, saying good bye, since she is attending BYU Provo. We wish the best for you.

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