Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Testimony of our Soon Departing Elder Kaupert

My testimony of the gospel is one of not a few large moments in my life; but rather many many small ones. I've always wondered how all these little moments will affect my future, and I never really realized the impact that they were having at the very moment. Looking back, the Lord has never let go of me no matter how hard I pushed Him away, and I see it in how everything seems to turn out. It always amazes me how things could've been so different had I had different experiences.

Happiness in the gospel for me seems to be made up or created by my life's experience. The love I feel from our leader, Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly father is something that can be found no where else on the earth but in this church. I often hear talk of people saying how the church can be so restrictive, and by living by the gospel, our freedom is stripped away. I disagree whole heartily. Life would be bondage without the reassurance of our father, the atonement, and of hope for things to come. We would be chained down by our heavy regrets and trapped by our own loneliness. That is not to say that other churches don't offer a form of this, but this gospel offers the most complete form.

To not share that happiness with others would be a major sin for me; however, the single biggest reason in deciding to go on a mission was not this, but rather the incompleteness I would experience the rest of my life had I not gone. In other words, It would be a sin for me to not do the most I can for all of God's children, seeing how I have been a recipient of what I feel like are some of the greatest blessings he has to offer in this life. And really, that's what the Gospel truly is to me, is the pure love of God for all of us.

This Gospel is true. My life is undeniable proof of that. Our entire existence is undeniable proof as well. God's love for us is real, and I have felt it. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows our needs and our wants, wanting nothing more than to give to us everything, which he does provide for us. And so He provided the gospel for to bring all of us happiness. This is my simple testimony.

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